Save Big With Salty Dog Clippers


Unknown to thousands of Australian dog owners, the costs of owning a dog are constantly increasing. The average cost of grooming your dog is rising year-on-year with many dog grooming salons lifting prices annually. The cost to wash, dry and clip an average dog now stands at roughly $90 across Australia. Over a year these costs can add up quickly into thousands of dollars.



This is what we found when getting our dogs groomed. We were getting our dogs groomed to get them through our hot summers to reduce heat stress but it was costing us a fortune! Our two medium/large dogs were costing us over $200 per visit by the time we had them washed, dried, de-matted and clipped.


That why we created the All-In-One Salty Dog Clipping Kit. For the cost of a couple of visits to the groomers, you can now have everything you need to clip and groom your dog from the comfort of your home. No more trips through the traffic to the grooming salon and no more being home to work around mobile groomers.



Since we started, 1000's of Australians have purchased our clipper kit too not only help reduce stress during summer but too also keep there dogs looking trim and great all year round.

Click through to the All-In-One Salty Dog Clipper Kit and see what they can do for you today.