Grooming Tips

Step 1

Before you get your dog clippers out you must thoroughly wash and condition your dog's fur to remove all dirt and bits that may be stuck, you can use a flea shampoo or normal dog shampoo. Then simply rinse your dogs coat with luke warm water after lathering.

Step 2

Use a towel or a hand dryer to thoroughly dry your dog's coat. Ensure that the hand dryer is set to cool/warm setting and not hot and be sure your dog has access to drinking water during dog grooming. Your dog's coat should be dry before clipping, a wet coat will only cause the clipper to snag.

Step 3

Grab a comb and ensure you get all the knots and mats well combed out before you start your dog clippers. If you can't comb it, you'll struggle to clip it.

Step 4

Now it's time to clip so open up your dog clippers, and set out your dog grooming supplies in front of you. Remember to re-oil the pet clipper blade before you start grooming and while grooming. Clean the blade of all excess dog fur before putting it away.

Grooming Lesson:

  1. Open your pet clipper kit, and take a look at the blade. Be sure your dog clipper blades are sharp.

  2. Not all dog clipper blades are the same, they vary in size, and every size will leave your dog's fur a different length. You need to use the correct size blade for your dog's coat, so take a look at the blade chart below and ensure that you have the correct dog clipper blade for your breed. The higher the number of the blade, the shorter and finer the cut. You can check out our blades for sale to find the correct sizes that are right for your dog.

  3. Your dog should be dry, clean and well combed before you start your pet clippers. You can use a lightweight shampoo appropriate for your dog's fur. Towel dry or blow dry your dogs fur before clipping. Use scissors to remove all mats before dog clipping.

  4. Be sure to oil the blades on your Dog Grooming Clippers before you turn the dog clippers on. This is very important. You will also need to oil your dog hair clippers throughout the grooming process. Vegetable oil, olive oil etc works fine. It's a good idea to have a second person to help you oil the blade and clean off excess fur, and keep the dog calm.

  5. To begin, make sure you are not working around any water, so do not do this in your bath tub or sink. Simply put, electric dog clippers and water do NOT mix. Turn the pet clippers on and allow the dog to get used to the sound. Hold the dog clippers near your dog's head and once that has been accepted, lay the side of the pet clipper against the skin so the dog will become accustomed to the vibration. Most will accept the pet clippers after this.

  6. Get your Dog Clipper and Dog Grooming Supplies laid out around you. Start at the back of the ears and lay the dog grooming clipper blades flat against the dog's body. You do not want to make "scooping" motions with the dog clippers.

  7. Whenever possible, make long, SLOW strokes with the way the fur lays. This makes for a more even cut. If you still have mats, you will have to work the dog clippers under the mat by laying the pet clipper against the skin and gently tugging on the mat while moving the blades under the mat. This process takes time and you never want to rush it. When all the mats are removed on the main body, you can move on to the legs and feet.

  8. For breeds like Poodles, Cockers and Maltese that get hair between the toes and pads of the feet, you will need to clip these areas as well. I have come across very few dogs that will stand for this process without protest. If you have someone to call in to help, now is the time to do so.

  9. Take your time. This can be a slow process for many dog owners. You want to ensure that your dog doesn't get stressed and doesn't run for the hills every time you plug in the dog clippers.

  10. Once the dog is completely clipped, and you've put your Dog Hair Clipper away, you may want to re-­‐bathe and at this time use your dip or flea preventative of choice.

  11. When you have finished with the dog clippers, clean the blades and body of your dog clippers very well and oil them immediately then store them in a clean, dry area for next time. Don't put your clippers away without cleaning them as they can rust and deteriorate.