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We love our salty, messy, furry friends but hate the expenses that come with constantly grooming them!  Our All In One Salty Dog Clipper Kit is strong enough to handle any breed's fur. Straight, curly, thick or wiry, whatever type your beloved pooch has, our dog clipper will handle it with ease! Our All In One Salty Dog Clipper Kit includes all the needed accessories, blades and attachments to maintain your dogs coat for years to come! We've kept it as simple as possible so anyone, pro or beginner can save a fortune and groom their dog from home. No need to shop around for the right size blade or attachments, we've included everything you need for any breed as well as detailed instructions. How great is that? 

Due to our awesome team, amazing all in one product and affordable price we’re now one of the biggest sellers of dog clippers in Australia and have sold thousands of our dog clipper kits to dog owners and professional groomers.

Check out our testimonials page to hear from people who have purchased from us! Our All In One Salty Dog Clipper Kit comes with everything you need to groom your dog from home no matter what breed!  We offer FREE fast shipping Australia wide, plus a huge 1 year warranty!  Purchase your Salty Dog Clipper here and your beloved salty pooch will be looking fine in no time!