About Us

At Salty Dog Clippers we’re a friendly team of dog lovers from beautiful Gloucester in the Upper Hunter Valley. We spend our days getting salty and sandy on the beach at Forster or in the rivers around our home with our favourite furry mates. We love our dogs but hate the expenses that come with constantly getting them groomed in our hot summer climate. We wanted to save our hard earned money by grooming our pets at home. When we shopped around we were baffled by the range of clippers, blade sizes, grooming accessories and attachments.

-Which blade size was right for my breed?

-Do I need attachment combs?

We had so many questions and couldn't find an easy all in one solution. We got together and decided to bring Australians our professional quality All In One Salty Dog Clipper Kit with all the needed blades, accessories, attachments and grooming instructions for every breed! No need to shop around for all the different bits you need- we're making it simple, easy and saving dog owners heaps of money!

We’re now one of the biggest sellers of dog clippers in Australia and have sold thousands of dog clipper kits to dog owners and professional groomers. We’re proudly Australian owned and operated, and all our items are posted from NSW for FREE! We offer free, fast shipping Australia wide and a 2 year warranty. How great is that? Your furry dog will be looking fine in no time.

We’d love to hear about your beloved salty mate or help you with any questions, so get in touch with us by sending us an email to info@saltydogclippers.com or catch us on live chat.