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    Australia’s Top Ranked & Top Reviewed Clipper Kit.

    Salty Dog Clippers reviews

The All In One Dog Clipper Kit

We love to get salty and sandy with our favourite furry mates at the beach but hate the expenses that come with constantly getting them groomed in our hot summer climate. Have you shopped around and become baffled by the range of clippers, blade sizes, grooming accessories and attachments on the market?

-Which blade size is right for my breed?

-What grooming accessories do I need?

-Do I need attachment combs?

We were baffled to! That's why we created an all-in-one solution that can handle any type of fur and make grooming from home a breeze.

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Start saving today and groom your dog at home. Our Dog Clipper Kit provides you with everything you need to get started.

Check out our Complete Dog Grooming Kit below

Box Contains

Our kit is specifically designed to help Aussie families save money by grooming their dog at home. We've included all the needed combs, accessories and attachments you'll need to get started clipping your dog at home.

1 professional two speed dog clipper

Our 2 speed, 45 watt dog clipper is very powerful and efficient, it can quickly clip any breed- guaranteed. Our main customers own poodles, cavaliers, collies, labs, shih tzu, maltese, spaniels, terriers, sheepdogs and shepherds. You'll never need to invest in another dog clipper again. Can operate at 2 speeds for precision work (3200 and 4000 rpm) comes with a 3 meter long cord.


-One Standard Size #10 blade which leaves fur 1.6mm long. Features a Japanese steel blade which provides increased durability for a long-lasting edge. This size blade is the most commonly used blade. Designed for clipping the face, paws, underbelly and the coat of most breeds - we have other sized blades available for sale below

4 attachment snap on guide combs

These combs snap onto the blade and allow you to choose the length that suits your breed. The 4 different length combs leaves fur 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

1 small regular comb

Ideal for lifting matts from skin, combing sensitive areas such as the face, paws and groin.

1 professional de-matting comb

Gets deep into the coat to thin undercoats, and prevent matting.

1 large dog brush

Ideal for regular daily brushing

1 pair of professional scissors

NEW AND IMPROVED - $50 Value. Clip sensitive and hard to reach areas, such as the face. These professional scissors won't disappoint.


Trim your dog's nails easily with no fuss. It also includes a pull out nail file

1 oil flask

Oil the blades before and after every use.

1 stiff blade cleaning brush

Keep your blades clean before packing them away.

1 detailed instruction manual

Our detailed instruction manual will tell you exactly how to groom your dog efficiently with our kit.

1 heavy duty aluminium carry case

All these items are organized nicely in a large heavy duty aluminium case for easy storage.

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2 Year Warranty

You have nothing to worry about! Our Salty Dog Clipper comes with a 2 Year Australian warranty!
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Free Shipping Australia Wide

Shipping is FREE and FAST all around Australia with Australia post. Items shipped from NSW
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Guaranteed To Work

Guaranteed to work on all dog breeds including tough poodle hair and thick double coats
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Australian Owned and Operated

We’re a family owned and operated business from the Upper Hunter, NSW
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Customer Reviews

  • Melissa, Scott and Brodie

    My name's Melissa McCarthy, and I recently purchased a pet clipper from yourself. My partner Scott has recently used your product for our King Charles Cavalier "Brodie" and we are very happy with your clippers, "Brodie", especially as its going to be 38 degrees in a couple of days and he has a very thick coat. They worked very well on Brodie's long fur, and are very impressed with all the accessories that were included, thank you!
  • Nathan & Rosie

    The pet clipper kit I ordered from you is fantastic. It seemed like I ordered them one day and the next they were here. They worked really well and best of all they're nice and quiet so Rosie (our dog) doesn't get scared when it's time for a haircut. I highly recommend your store and the pet clippers due to the convenience of the all in one kit, and great customer service. Thank you again.
  • Emma & Dash

    Hi again, just wanted to tell you that I'm super happy with my Salty Dog Clipper Kit! Your customer service is unbelievable, which is a rare find these days. The clipper kit is excellent and our dog Dash is looking very fine. Thanks so much.
  • Margo' Lo Monaco

    I would like to recommend Salty Dog clippers to all the groomers and pet owners out there. I have recently started to groom my dogs from home, and found that the quality of the clippers is excellent. The price is very affordable, the delivery is fast, and most of all their customer service is brilliant! I love the starter kit, it has everything in it to start your grooming, and you'd be helping an Australian business too!
  • Tara McLeod

    Dear Salty Dog, I just wanted to send you an email and thank you for your great service. I commend you on your website and product. Online shopping can be a chore and a worry, so I'm happy to tell my friends that I found a reliable website to order from with a great all in one product! We just used the pet clipper for the first time and our dog is very happy. It was quiet and easy to use. The accessories are all great and very useful. This kit includes everything we needed! I will recommend you to our friends in the future. Thanks again.
  • Andy Kim

    My clipper arrived today, I ordered it 2 days ago- wow, thanks for the fast delivery! The machine and all the accessories feel very well made. I'm extremely impressed especially given the lower price then Wahl and Andis clippers, and being an Aussie business...well thats just a great bonus. Thanks Salty Dog!
  • Laurie and a happy izzy (the well clipped pooch)

    I just wish to say a huge thank you! I purchased your Salty Dog Clipper Kit. I now have received the kit and it is more than what I had expected. The combs and scissors are all top quality and the range of brushes is perfect! I have used the clippers on my westie and they are fantastic nice even cut and quick. I will not hesitate in recommending your company and these clippers to all I know and thanks again for your professional help to make me decide which blades I needed. Keep up the good work and I will purchase from your company again with no hesitation. Thanks so much!
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Do I need to purchase an additional blade for my breed?

For many dog owners this kit comes with everything you need to start grooming your dog at home. The kit has been well thought out to ensure effective grooming results for a large variety of fur types. If you find that the #10 blade leaves your dog’s fur too short or doesn't clip the fur easily, then you would consider one of our other sized blades available. An additional blade is especially useful for thick double coated breeds and curly haired breeds. Shop our range of blades below and checkout the blade guide to see which blades are professionally recommended for your specific breed.

Will your clippers work on my breed?

We get so many emails asking if our clippers will handle tough poodle hair, thick double coats, long, wiry fur, maltese, cavaliers, shiz tzu, terriers etc. With correct use, and the correct blade - our clippers are guaranteed to work on any breed. We go above and beyond to ensure every customer has the correct setup that works on their dog! We're here to help before, during and years after you purchase your Salty Dog Clippers.

How much is the kit delivered to my post code?

The kit is $199 with free delivery Australia wide. Simply click any of the BUY NOW buttons on this page to order via paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

Are your clippers as good as Wahl, Oster, Andis?

Our machine is almost identical in power, and functionality to the Wahl KM2 clippers. The difference is our lower price point and our range of accessories included. The other kits on the market don’t include everything you need to easily groom from home. We are also Australian owned and operated, plus we offer a 2 year repair or replacement warranty!

We are one of the biggest pet clipper sellers in Australia! We have sold thousands of our dog clipper kits with fantastic reviews from both pro groomers and Aussie dog owners. Start saving money today and groom your dog at home.

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About Us

We're a family owned and operated business from beautiful Gloucester in the upper Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. We love our dogs but hated the expenses that came with constantly getting them groomed in our hot summer climate. It was costing us over $100 to groom one dog at the groomers. With 4 dogs amongst us that added up! We wanted to save money by grooming our dogs at home but when we shopped around we were baffled by the range of clippers, blade sizes, grooming accessories and attachments available. We had so many questions and couldn't find an easy all in one solution. So, we came together as a family and decided to bring other Australian families our professional quality All In One Salty Dog Clipper Kit with all the needed blades, accessories, attachments and grooming instructions needed to groom their dogs at home! We’re now one of the biggest sellers of dog clippers in Australia. We’re proudly Australian owned and operated, and all our items are posted from NSW for FREE! We’d love to hear your feedback, suggestions and comments or help you with any questions, so get in touch with us below.

Salty Dog is the only all in one dog clipper kit designed for home grooming! Start saving money today and groom your dog from home!

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Do you need help deciding if our All In One Salty Dog Clipper Kit kit is right for you? Or maybe you have a question about your recent order? Please include as much information as you can. We will get back to you within 24 hours. You will get the quickest response on email or Facebook messenger.

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